#5: Stainer – Peperoncino di espelette con ananas

What do we have here?  Why, it’s the Stainer Peperoncino di espelette con ananas, of course.  Why do you ask?

The Stainer company has a website circa 2002.  This Tuscan company produces a lot of exotically flavored chocolates.  Maybe you’re thinking you need some White Chocolate with Madras CurrySaffronAloe and Black Currant? The possibilities are endless.

This is a lovely flavor combination.  We’re talking, as the nicely designed wrapper tells us, a mix of pineapple and chili peppers.  It starts slow, with the tropical taste of the pineapple, and then the heat slowly starts to increase…and increase.  Yes, this definitely packs a punch.  I have to admit the chocolate was only average, but the draw here is the flavor combination and I enjoyed having a square of this occasionally since it’s not something you eat all at once.  It definitely woke me up when I would sample one in the morning.

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