#4: Ludomar – turrón trufado con citricos y jengibre

By: klasker

Jan 07 2009

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Category: Chocolate

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Our next chocolate comes from a small Spanish chocolatier next to Barcelona.  Ludomar produces a number of boutique chocolate products, among them this truffle bar with citrus and ginger.

Visually, this bar will impress.  It has a nice pattern on the front of the bar with a metallic-colored design of paint strokes, as you can see.  In contrast, the underneath side of the bar contains the marks and imperfections of a hand-made product.

Unfortunately, I am eating this bar while enduring a cold, so my impressions are certainly blunted by sinus problems viagrasstore.net.

My initial impressions were that I really didn’t like this chocolate.  I felt the ginger overwhelmed the chocolate and really didn’t add much to the waxy tasting chocolate.  A few days later, and I am beginning to appreciate its character.  First of all, the bar is a hard chocolate surrounding an inner, less dense chocolate ganache.  The chocolate has notes of coffee in it, but the ginger and citrus will come to the fore as you taste.  It still isn’t my favorite, but this will definitely please those who appreciate ginger and a finely crafted appearance.

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  1. Yes, I agree with you on this bar. I was really curious about this brand of chocolate because they looked so different, but then when you get it there is something missing. The appearance wants to make you like it, but upon tasting it, it doesn’t live up to the look of it. I checked out their website, http://www.bombonesludomar.com/en/empresa.php and it looks like they make more truffles and things called “cat tongues” more than anything else. Maybe they experimented with the bars and didn’t have much success. Let’s stick out our cat tongues at Ludomar! ha!

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