#2: Bachhalm 1928 – Die süße Leidenschaft

For the second bar to share my impressions on, we have the Bachhalm 1928: Die süße Leidenschaft, which means ‘The Sweet Passion’.  This is a handmade, fine chocolate bearing the distinction of ‘Grand Cru’, a term borrowed from the wine world, but in terms of chocolate means “made with beans of a specific region“.   According to Bachhalm,  that means Criollo beans (the rarest and most expensive bean used in only 5% of all chocolate) from “the best growing regions and plantations in the world, 10 degrees to the north and south of the equator”.

So, enough history!  What does it taste like?  Well, this ‘Sweet Passion’ bar is lightly topped with clusters of sea salt http://sverigeapotek.se/.  The intense punch of the salt pierces through the sweet milk chocolate and enhances the taste of the chocolate itself.  The chocolate itself is wonderful, a simple milk chocolate that tastes less of cocoa and more of cream but leaves with a lingering, persistent reminder.  The chocolate melts easily.  I have another Bachhalm bar upcoming, so stay tuned for that impression, too.

Next up?  Chocolate and Vinegar!

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